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Venus : Multilayer Zirconia Blocks

Venus : Multilayer Zirconia Blocks

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Based on bio-inspired technology, Venus blocks have revolutionized the field of zirconia ceramic teeth, developing with layers of gradient combined strength, transparency, and shades to get the 3D effect.



With the advanced VENUS zirconia, dental professionals can now offer patients zirconia ceramic
teeth that closely mimic the natural teeth in both function and aesthetics. This innovative material
incorporates 7 layers of gradients, ensuring optimal strength and transparency, resulting in a remarkably


The VENUS multilayer zirconia prioritizes transparency by minimizing the use of coloring
ions to get better light transmission. This approach enables a more lifelike and translucent quality, further
enhancing the aesthetic appeal of zirconia ceramic teeth.


Internal dyeing can achieve a gradient aesthetic effect, which is simple and fast, allowing for
faster production of zirconia ceramic teeth with stunning aesthetic gradients.

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